Kathi's Musicians' Center School of Music

- 28th Anniversary Downtown Grayslake!

  Celebrate May 29, 1992 FRI 9AM - 1st piano student for Kathi's Musicians' Center School of Music. Who knew on KMC'S 28th birthday we'd be teaching online today!

                    Thank you God for leading us here and helping us go forward. 

                  We continue to  celebrate School Spirit, Pride and Success for 28 yrs.

Kathi's Musicians' Center School of Music (KMC) is licensed school dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of music lovers with excellence and artistry in performance and music instruction. KMC'S professional performance faculty offers instruction of various musical genres in piano, keyboards, voice, guitar, ukulele, theory, arranging, music history, composition, sight reading and ear training. 

-- COLORS    RedWhite, Black  on sign in front of school
--LOGO has 2 meanings: from day 1 ( pictured below)
1. KMC --Kathi's Musicians' (all musicians') Center, Downtown Grayslake Center Street
+ ' was added through M, Jesus with us
🎵' music !!
2. K - Kathleen, M -Mary Mother of Jesus, Confirmation Saint, prayed for guidance C- Cizewski (cross and notes)
KMC started with 1 studio. Within the 1st 5 years building additions included the 2nd studio, then a 3rd larger studio- classroom. Later we added the Web site https://musicschoolgrayslake.mymusicstaff.com